What are ceramics?

Ceramics are all around us in many applications, especially visible as earthenware and porcelain ware, such as teacups, dinner plates and flower vases. The raw materials used in ceramics goods are nonmetallic and inorganic materials mixed with inorganic stone and clay. The finished goods are heated to high temperatures in processing. Inorganic materials used in ceramics excel in corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties, and are stable. Moreover, ceramics are known to generate Far Infrared Rays (FIR). All substances in the earth generate FIR, as well as the human body. Of all substances, ceramics are known to generate FIR more than others.

SAISEIKO Ceramic Technology

SAISEIKO Ceramic Balls (SCB) are represented by two types of ceramic balls – BA and SE. Both have the ability to activate and ionize water and generate FIR. However, BA types also have anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, once the water undergoes the SCB process, the water experiences a resurgence of rejuvenating power. No wonder our ceramic technology is patented and comprises natural minerals, which disinfect bacteria and ionize water.

Benefits of SCB

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