How does it reduce residual chlorine?

lt relieves the irritation that comes from residual chlorine, but does not reduce residual chlorine itself. The water passing through SCB is ionized. The ionized waler clusters wrap around the residual chlorine molecules and render them harmless.

Can Cera Shower Head remove residual chlorine?

No. However, the Ceramic Balls Inside the Cera Shower Heads lonlze residual chlorine. Residual chlorine is covered with ionized water molecules and is rendered harmless.

How do Cera Shower Heads easily remove dirt from pores, and how do Cera Shower Heads increase cleansing power?

Naturally, molecules tend to stick to each other. However, we can apply Far infrared Rays which separate molecules. Therefore clusters pass through the SAISEIKO Ceramic Balls (SCB), which produce FlRs, the water clusters molecules are separated. Nevertheless, the separated molecules try to stick to other molecules. So, the water molecules stick to dirt and oil, which will easily be removed with water.

Can Cera Shower Head repair skin troubles?

No. Cere Shower Heads do not repair skin troubles. However. they do help relieve irritation from skin troubles. Residual chlorine is considered to be one of the leading causes of skin troubles. Cera Shower Heads ionlze shower water which helps to reduce irritation.

How do Cera Shower Heads encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss?

Dirt clogged in the pores of the scalp is considered to be one of the leading causes of hair loss, Cera Shower Heads easily remove dirt from the pores, helping to reduce hair loss.

What does 1 year warranty mean?

Every product comes with 1 year warranty and it means if there is any problem with the product, you can gel a free replacement (including free delivery) within a year from the dale of purchase. We wanted to make our customers satisīŦed. so this applies to cases where the problem was caused by the customer's own mistake or fault. However, you should remember this free replacement service is limited to one time only.

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