Feedback from users

  • My hair was damaged so I had to use a lot of conditioner, but I don't need it anymore, Thank You!
  • Water feels softer and silkier.
  • It's versatile and efficient and my grandchildren love it.
  • Mist option is heavenly, it is so lovely I don't want to get out of shower booth at all. (Cera elite)
  • I was concerned about black heads on my nose, but was afraid to use scrub too often. With Cera, I don't need facial scrub anymore, the number of visible black heads have been reduced significantly!
  • I would NOT go back to a 'normal' shower head after trying Cera.
  • I always take Cera when I am on a business trip, because I cannot face normal shower anymore.
  • I don't need to clean shower curtain as often as I used to.
  • am very impressed. I would definitely recommend it to others.
  • I have a long hair and every time I washed it, my drainage got blocked and cleaning it was disgusting. However, after using Cera, I hardly lose any hair and my drainage stays clean.
  • Bubbling up is easier and faster
  • I love Mist option! It's so good that I don't want to get out of shower at all!
  • Cera has made my shower experience so versatile
  • My skin would be very dry after shower, but with Cera skin feels softer and silkier, I am so happy.

Feedback from salon owners and hairstylists

  • Customer's hair feels silkier and softer
  • Shampoo bubbles up much easier and faster
  • After using Cera, I don't need to clean my wash basin anymore
  • My customer's hair feels softer.
  • I am a hair stylist and my fingers were all peeling with eczema, but after using Cera a few times, my finger are smooth and all the irritation is gone! It's unbelievable because I did not even use any medicine or ointment.
  • It works fantastic! I am really satisfied with it
  • One of my customers use too much wax so I needed to wash his hair at least 4 times (even then grease remains), but with Cera, after two washes, his hair is completely clean. Unbelievable!
  • czema irritation on my hands disappeared after using Cera! It's totally impressive because I didn't do anything else, Cera did miracle.
  • My salon owner bought this showerhead for the salon and this is the best gift I got for 2011!

Pictures from Salon Owner

My hands were damaged because I used chemical products every day at salon. When I used Cera Salon first time, I immediately felt difference and didn't feel irritation. My hand condition gradually became better.


3 months later

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