SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head Features and Benefits

About this amazing brand of shower heads

Ceramic Ball Technology

Patented SAISEIKO Ceramic Balls (SCB) Technology using all natural minerals makes tap water activated and ionised. Surface Activation Power increases and tap water becomes soft and gentle.

Negative Ion Science

SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Heads produce negative ions. Negative ions are known to help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) SCB generates FIR. FIR activates water and reduces the size of water clusters. Small water clusters absorb better and provide more benefits to the skin, hair and blood stream. FIR also is known to help increase blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce body toxins.

Keep Skin Baby Soft and Smooth

Keep Skin Baby Soft and Smooth It is commonly known fact that smaller water clusters can easily entre the pores to remove dirt and moisturise skin.

Healthy and Shiny Hair

Sufficient moisture is necessary for healthy hair. Water activated by SCB helps make hair stronger, smoother and healthier, and prevent hair loss. Small water clusters helps increase the cleansing power to deeply cleanse the scalp.






Japanese Celebrities & Charisma Beauticians & Make-up Artists Love SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head!

They recognized how SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head works for beauty and health. One of the famous actresses in Japan, who was crowned Miss Japan Pageant, touted this as her favorite must-have shower item in her recent book.

No.1 at Major Department Stores in Japan

SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head is sold in Japan's most famous and exclusive stores. Major department stores in Japan are renowned for being very stringent when choosing items for resale and have a very strict evaluation process. SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head is one of their best-selling items. *SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head is sold under the FRION brand in Japan

Hair Stylists in New York Are Convinced of SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head worthiness

We have SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head for Salons. It has been used in Hair Salons in New York and other states for their valuable clients. Since they started using SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head, they have realized how different the SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head is compared to other shower heads and found there are many benefits to using SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head. They also started to wholesale SAISEIKO Ionic Shower Head to their clients because they wanted all their clients to keep their hair condition at their home as well as they just got from their salon.

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